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Paperweights/ Brevpresser

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In English                        Paperweights/ Brevpresser

ViDa Glass  
ViDa Glass is owned and run by Vibece and David R. Hurry.

Both have long experience in the glass trade.

Vibece, from Trondheim, started as an apprentice at Hadeland Glassworks and has worked there many years after.

David, from Stromsness, Orkney Isles, Scotland was "lucky" to serve as an apprentice for Paul Ysart, world famous paperweight maker, at Harland, Wick in Caithness from 1975-79.

David moved to Norway in 1979 and worked many years at Hadeland Glassworks, then at Severin Glass and Gjøvik Glassworks before starting ViDa Glass with Vibece in Jeløy, Moss in 2002.

Vibece and David make a wide range of art glass and paperweights using various techniques.



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David   -  Tlf: 41308747

Vibece    - Tlf: 93 2666 98